Why do students need EasyRent?

Why do students need EasyRent?

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The rental market as a whole is very much unchanged compared to 20 years ago. The standard lease duration is 12-months with landlords’ “most ideal” tenants being families and young professionals. As a result, students have struggled to find accommodation after their first year at university, since they are directly competing with tenants who are naturally preferred over them.

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]asyRent has changed the renting market for students. They will no longer be competing with young professionals and families within the 12-month rental market as we have created a brand new lease tailored to students.

Our 9-month lease ensures that students are only paying rent during their academic year from February to November. There are countless benefits gained from this, with the main advantages including:

Students save thousands of dollars from not paying rent during the 3-month summer period when most students are not even living in their rentals.

 Most properties come furnished, which saves students hundreds of dollars and eliminates the hassle of getting furniture into their property. Most students cannot afford storage over the summer or a van to transport the furniture, meaning a furnished property is the perfect solution.

EasyRent enables students to sign rental lease agreements up to 6-months before the move-in day, but they only have to pay the bond to secure the property. This confirms their accommodation for the following year well in advance. Therefore, it eliminates the stress involved with searching for a property in a rush later in the year.

All properties listed with EasyRent will have been looked after and well maintained ensuring that students will enjoy a high quality of living during the 9-months.

Finally, students are not competing for properties with young professionals and families as we have created an entirely new market just for students.

 We are the first student-run company that is prioritising students ahead of any other tenant in the market. EasyRent is making the process seamless, easy and affordable for all students ensuring that we have their best interests in mind.

Our founder, Toby, is currently a student himself and has experienced this rental problem for the last three years. Therefore, he fully understands every aspect of the issue. He decided in early 2019 that he was going to provide a solution for students. Toby could not believe that there was no option for students other than the traditional 12-month lease or university-run accommodation, which is not a typical flatting experience. Toby decided to test the idea and lived in a 9-month lease in 2019 from February to November. The property was then listed on short-term accommodation sites over the 3-month summer period from November-February. He found the whole process seamless and it was then that he knew his idea needed to be turned into a company. The new 9+3 month model provides a vast array of benefits to both students and landlords. Now here we are, 8-months later with EasyRent, the first student-focused rental platform. 

We are here to help students. Toby has been involved in Auckland’s property sector for almost 4 years now so he fully understands the stigma that students have in the rental market. EasyRent is here to eradicate this by supporting students and changing the rental market.

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