Our story

We’re on a mission to enable EasyRenters to live in any city across the world for 1-6 months at a time!

How’d we get here? 

2018 – Where it all started

Toby was in his first year at uni and watched each of his friends waste $3000 rent over the summer for empty rooms. He quickly realised that tens of thousands of students across New Zealand all faced the same problem.

2019 – Trialling the solution

To avoid paying summer rent for their empty rooms, Toby and his friends worked with a landlord to secure a property they could live in for just the uni semesters. It was time to try this on scale!

2020 – Launched and failed

Landlords listed their properties for the uni calendar year but only 3 were filled, well short of a 20 property goal. Covid had also transformed the rental market. EasyRent wasn’t solving the huge student problem so it was back to the drawing board.

2021 – Make or break. Subletting Discovery

Toby spoke to hundreds of students and realised there was a large group of summer interns desperate to find summer rentals who could be connected with students’ empty rooms. EasyRent pivoted to focus on subletting these rooms to the interns over the summer. Time was saved, students made money and a community of likeminded renters was created!

2022 – Going Global Baby!

We’ve expanded from New Zealand into Sydney, there are more and more EasyRenters out there and we’re super excited to continue this journey! From New Zealand, to Australia to the world!

The Problem

Students across New Zealand and worldwide pay 12-months of rent when they only live in the properties for 9-months. That is equivalent to over $12,000 of wasted rent for a four-bedroom house in Auckland.

Our mission

Ensuring no student pays rent for an empty room ever again. So you may be thinking, what on earth is EasyRent? Well, boy, do we have a story for you. We will keep it short and sweet. Here’s a quick recap of our journey.

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