Here's what you and your friends have been asking 👇

For listers

Yes, 100% free. But if your room is filled, we charge a small fee.

You can choose to leave whatever you like in your room. Anything left behind will be covered. 

Nope. You can list your room up without your landlord’s permission but need to ask them/property manager if you can sublet or if the names need to be changed on the lease.

We charge a 10% fee on the total rent if we fill your room. This can be either paid weekly or upfront. For e.g over 12 weeks you would earn $2400 if your rent was $200 p/w. We would charge $240 so you make $2160. 

We require all users to complete a full profile check before reserving any rooms through our platform. 

For lookers:

Not a dime.

Yep most rooms come furnished. 

Yep fully flexible depending on what you and the lister decide.

Sure thing! You can move in with as many friends as you like if they have that many rooms available in the flat.


We specialise in creating the best possible experience for both listers and lookers for rooms only for 1-6 months. These other platforms don’t cater to this ‘Mid-Term’ period and therefore provide a very subpar solution. 

We take care of the entire process from start to end. This includes before and after you move into a room. We are available 24/7 to help with anything and even move you between rooms if needed. 

Yep, we currently just do 1-6 months but are open to rooms available for 7-8 months as well depending on the situation.

Once the looker is confirmed in your room the communication will go between the lister and looker directly so exact moves in dates are flexible. The new flatmate will greet you and your flatmates with a welcome box from us and them to show their appreciation. 

Our move-in gift packs are the first of their kind in the renting world. We provide all lookers with an eco-friendly ‘Flat Essentials box’, 12 redbull cans from our friends at Redbull and a $50 bar voucher to go out and meet your new flatmates. 

For looker: You can change your mind once you’re confirmed for a room but you have to pay half a week’s rent as a cancellation fee. 

For lister: We offer a 100% pull-out guarantee. This is only relevant to people listing up their rooms for summer, not right now.